Family Ties

The silicate tycoon Preston Hohstadt passed away recently here in Minerva Station. Preston had no living will, so as his attorney, it is my job to decide how his fortunes are divided among his two sons. They cannot reach an agreement with each other, but have agreed to obey the ruling of a neutral, outside mediator.

You will attend a meeting in the Hohstadt Penthouse, atop Mura tower, where the two brothers will question you to their satisfaction. If both of them agree that you can be trusted, the hearing will take place the next day in the same spot. At that time, both brothers, Desmond and Holmes, will plead their case. Mediators can ask as many questions as they'd like, and a decision must be rendered as to how the family fortune is divided among the brothers.

The mediators that the brothers select will be compensated 5000 credits for this job.

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